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A few weeks passed and Dave and Vinny continued to see each other each day for the music lessons and the tours through Foothills. No one knew of these except those who happened to be at the juke joint during their lessons, which wasn't many.

Dave was back once again  but instead of a lesson, today he and Vinny were just hanging out. Vinny was currently leading him to one of her favorite places and he had no idea where they were going.

He smiled a bit "So um…are you going to kidnap me?" he joked

"Now don't be silly Davey, why would little ole me do a thang like that?" she teased as she walked a little ways ahead of him carrying a basket in hand ; this hike felt as it was nothing more than a stroll for her.

He chuckled "I don't know…maybe to keep me here forever"

Vinny laughed "Now as tempting as that may be good sir, I would have admit I'd never wish that for my worst enemy"

"Alright, well then may I ask where we're going?"

"a special place; a place where no one comes anymore. Where I like to be alone, and just be surrounded by father God's wonders"

He smiled. "Sounds like a special place. I just hope I'm not slowing you down. I'm not exactly used to this" he chuckled

Vinny stopped and turned to him "aw, come on now, just a little further. Care fo some water?"

He smiled. "I think I'll be alright. I'm sure I can make it without passing out"

She  giggle before taking his hand and slowly continued

They soon made it to a large meadow that was filled with lush green grass and wild flowers grew all over. In the far distance the mountains could be seen.  And yet noting could be heard for miles except for the tranquil chirping of the birds and the serene fresh breeze "well here we are"





Dave smiled as he observed "Wow. Such a beautiful place. I see why you love it so much"

Vinny smiled as she watched the scenery by his side still not letting go of his hand. "Uh-huh and can you believe it. No one comes out here no more…well unless there's a wedding"

"Strange. I'd come here every chance I could."

"I reckon folks just all wrapped up into their daily lives. The men out working the field and the women tendin' to the youngins' and home and well I…I help my mama but when its two of us splittin' the work, I tend to have a lot mo' free time then others" she smiled then let go of his hand and found a nice shaded spot under a tree and sat her basket down. "I hope you don't mind but I fix us a little somethin' to eat" she spoke shyly as she took a blanket out of the basket spreading it out for them to sit on.

He watched her with a light smile "I don't mind." He walked over "A nice little picnic sounds great"

She  blushed a bit at his words taking her seat on the blanket as a picnic was exactly what this was.  She then took out a canteen filled with water and handed it to Dave "you must be thirsty"

"Ah thank you" he chuckled before taking a drink "Refreshing…"

She watched him a bit longer with shy smile. Then after a moment went back to taking out the rest of the food. "I made sandwiches, brought some fruit, my mama's famous potato salad and my very first black berry pie… I hope you like it cause I…I made the pie all by myself. My mama ain't help me on it not one bit" she giggled as she handed him a sandwich wrapped up in a cloth napkin

He smiled. "Thanks" he took a seat "Can't wait to taste your pie." He chuckled

She simply giggled as she took her a sandwich out and began to nibble on it quietly. She felt so nervous right now, which was strange because they had known each other for weeks now. And yet she didn't know what to say. Just realizing   As she stared out into the beautiful open space. Taking noticed that there wasn't a cloud in the sky.

Dave began to eat as well. He glanced at her occasionally, noticing how quiet she was. They usually talked all the time but this time was quite different. He then looked back out into the meadow "When you do come up here, how long do you usually stay?"

She shrugged "I spose an hour or so…I come out here early, sometimes it's still dark and I watch the sun come up. When it's that early I feel really close to heaven and I pray. I pray to just talk to father God, as I feel like he's the only one that listens to me"

He nodded "I see." He smiled. "I would love to see the sun rise. I wouldn't have much luck in the city"

Vinny looked at him as if she was thinking "um…"

He looked at her "Yes?"

"do you think…that there is a way…to…show me your world?"

His eye brows furrowed "Um…well…is that ok?"

"whatcha mean?"

"Well would you be allowed to go?"

"you mean am I allowed to leave the territory?" she sighed and looked down

"I mean would your parents like that?"

She shook her head "but I don't care. Papa gone sell me off anyways"

"Sell you off?"

She nodded slowly still looking down. "Member how I told ya that we marry young round here?"

He nodded

"well few weeks back this boy comes a courtin' round supper time. In fact you met him that first day we started our lessons. Do you member? That boy that wanted me to get home cause he said it was getting dark?"

"I remember"

"well his name is Harry and that night he asked my papa if he could marry me, and offers money. My Papa told him if he had $800 then it was a deal" she couldn't help but to feel her voice began to tremble as her heart ached with sorrowful fear and betrayal.

Dave studied her "So…you don't have a choice?"

"I don't know. My Mama say she ain't gone force me into somthin' I don't want. But if Harry come up wit the money, I'm scared that papa will think that's too much money to turn away, and if Papa takes it then…by law I ain't got no choice. And I'm scared…" she couldn't hold it in any longer as tears began to fall. "I sees the way Harry look at me…he real fresh; and I…" she dropped her sandwich and buried her head in her hands and started to weep

Dave furrowed his eye brows as he watched her. He then put his sandwich down and moved over to her, putting his arms around her and slowly stroking her arm. "I'm sorry…" he said softly

She simply continued to cry, yet his arms felt so comforting. "All I ever wanted was to live my life the way I want…and I wanna sing…and be free…be happy…if the world didn't hate me I could do all that"  she said between sobs "why would father God create me to be the…the very thing that…all the world hates?"

He sighed "You're not hated…just misunderstood…" he tried

After a moment she pulled away and dried her tears. Taking a deep breath she turned away from him. "It's time I…get my head out the clouds anyhow…"

He shook his head "There's nothing wrong with having goals you want to reach"

She nodded slowly in thought, and then laughed a bit. "Oh would ya look at me, I am so rude" she then turned to the basket and began dishing him out some potato salad. "You gotta try this, you gone love it"

He watched her for a moment before nodding and smiling a bit "You said it's a famous recipe right?"

She laughed "I sho did," she then got a spoonful and stretched it out to his mouth in order to feed him, while she held the dish in her lap "now open up"

He chuckled before eating what was on the spoon. His eyes widened slightly almost immediately. "Mmm…." he said as he ate. "Delicious"

Vinny giggled "naturally," she then fed him another spoonful "every time there's an event they beg my mama to make some"

He smiled "I see why. Every time I get some, it's store bought unless I go see my parents. So believe me when I say this is the best I've had in a really long time"

She smiled as she continued to feed him "Well you want to hear something funny?"


"well as I said before they ask mama to make some for when there are picnics, weddings, you name it. And every time my mama gives them the same sob story: 'well I declare I just don't know if I can… There's so much work I have to do….' Mama goes on and on. And they beg and beg. Well sure enough when the time comes. She brings it" she laughed "honestly I think that woman just loves the attention"

He chuckled "Well I think everyone enjoys some attention every now and again"

"yes I reckon you're right" she smiled as she continued to feed him. She didn't know why, but she felt like she really wanted to.

Dave  simply  smiled as he continued to allow her to feed him. Of course he didn't mind; his feelings for her were growing by the day. He knew they were just going to get closer, and he couldn't stop the simple things. They were what would keep them close.

They soon finished their picnic and were now walking back. Vinny smiled as she looked up at him "I never met a human like you before" it seemed to just come out of nowhere, though It had been on her mind for some time.

He raised a brow and laughed a bit "Well that's a good thing, yes?"

"well…I don't know…"

"Oh…well what do you mean?"

She looked down "I just…don't understand. You come down here a lot and no other humans bother to. You don't call us names, and you say you want to…learn? From us? But how does that make sense when you're the one that's all educated?"

"Just because I'm educated, it doesn't mean I can't learn from you. It's possible to learn from anyone."

She arched a brow at him, not understanding "what do you mean?"

He smiled.

"There have been times when I've learned new things from children. And I'm constantly learning things from people at school that are from different places other than here in L.A., or California, or even this country. You can learn new things from plenty of things and people if you've never knew those things before. I'm learning about your home from you, something I never knew before."

"wow, so…so I guess there's a whole world to learn from"

"Oh yeah and it's all pretty interesting…well from what I've learned so far"

"you want to know what I think?" she smiled as she looked down

"What's that?"

"I think you're…the smartest person I ever met"

His smile widened a bit "Is that right? Well would like to know what I think?"

She nodded

He then  took her hand "You are by far the most interesting person I've ever met."

Her eyes widened a bit as she stared down at their hands.  His were so much bigger then hers along with the rest of him, which towered over her. And yet it never felt intimidating. Instead it felt safe and comforting. She stopped and stared up at him. "Me?" she smiled in disbelief

He nodded.

"Definitely. Everything is so different here and you are even more so, in a good way. All the other people I've met that aren't from this country originally have really adapted to this American culture, so while their home is interesting, the people themselves are almost like anyone else."

"I feel the same way…I don't understand it. I thought I would at least be…a bit well fearful of you. But I don't…"

"Well I'm glad you aren't. It would be a bit harder to get to know you more I think" he smiled

"do you…remember that first night we met" she whispered looking down

His smile widened "I remember"

"well when we were walking…you were um…"

"I was…?"



She giggled and shook her head "oh no…nothing…" and turned away and started walking once more , as she was a bit disappointed she couldn't jog his memory to their almost kiss that night.

He chuckled lightly before following after her "Are you sure?"

She simply nodded  

"Well alright…so I've been thinking…"


"Maybe you should try playing the song at the juke joint in a few days"

She shook her head and laughed "I couldn't do that"

He smiled "Of course you could. You almost have it down. Just a few more days of practice and you'll have it"

"hm… Let me think bout that"



He continued to smile "Just let me know. I think you'd do wonderfully."

She smiled up at him " well alright, but  I hope you know that if I'm bad it could get ugly in there. Their serious about their dancing round these parts" she laughed

"I believe in you."

She stopped laughing and stared up at him , a bit stunned to hear that.  She could feel her heart a flutter .  No one had ever said that to her before. She then cleared her throat and continued to looked down the dirt path in thought. ' maybe I should play' she thought to herself as hearing his words gave her a new feeling of confidence. She smiled softly and nodded  ' why not'


A few nights later the juke joint was in full swing again. Everyone was dancing to the music, playing pool, eating and drinking. The band was sounding better then ever now that they had Dave for their piano-man. Vinny walked into the establishment pleasantly surprised at how festive the little hot spot was tonight. People dancing on tables, laughing and going on and on as the night was young and the party

had just started. Vinny continued to walk threw the crowds trying to get closer to Dave's playing as she was sure he didn't know she was there, as he was so into the music himself.  She then stopped in her tracks when she saw one of the loosest girls in their community Emily leaning against the piano and obviously flirting with him while he played.

" Hey there piano man"  giggled Emily

Dave looked up at her and smiled a bit "Hello"

Emily smiled as she twirled her finger in a lock of his dark hair " I like y'all playin'" her light sandy colored long hair that matched her skin tone perfectly  covered one of her dark brown eyes as she licked her red lips as if she wanted to eat him alive.

His smile widened a bit "Thank you. Glad you're enjoying yourself"

" here" she slid a drink on the top of the piano " brought ya a drink"

"Thanks. Very nice of you"

She giggled " well I gotta take care of you. I hope you'll save me a dance later on"

He chuckled "I'll see what I can do"

" Well listen to you, ain't no need to be shy"

He smiled "It's not that. It's just that…I may be busy…dancing with someone else"

She smiled " well that's why I said save me one…alright?"

He nodded "Alright"

" now that's what I wanna hear" she then blew him a kiss and walked off

Vinny watched her leave and let out a frustrated breath ' as if she don't have a husband' she thought to herself angrily

Dave simply chuckled lightly once she left and continued playing

Vinny finally reached him and gave him a wave

He saw her and smile "There you are"

" sorry I'm late…papa just didn't want to go to sleep tonight" she laughed sheepishly

He laughed a bit "Well I'm glad you could make it. I hope you're ready"

She slowly sat next to him on the piano bench and simply smiled as she watched him play, she admired his talent so much. " your amazing"

He smiled at her and then playfully nudged her "Thank you. You'll be just as amazing soon"

She giggled " well I'll try that's for sure"

He just smiled. Soon the song was over and Dave looked at her. "Are you ready now?"

" I guess so"

He smiled and scooted down the bench so she could have room. "It's all yours"

She let out a breath and looked up at him as to say ' are you sure'

He nodded "You've got this. You'll do great."

Vinny then stared down at the keys and slowly traced them gently with her fingers. Her heart was racing as she could hear the crowd calming down since the first song had ended, but if she didn't start playing soon she knew that it would only be a matter of time before it started a slight riot.

She then looked up at the other members of the band as they eyed her waiting on her next move so that they could start playing as well.   She then  turned the page of sheet music that was on the piano to the song she and Dave had been working on. Looking over it carefully for a moment , then with one last breath she started playing slowly and softly as  the song started out as such.

Dave smiled and nodded along with the tune. She was doing great already.

She continued to play softly  as the crowd began to stop what they were doing and watch, there murmurs falling on her def ears as she simply continued to concentrate. Then after a moment she stopped, allowing everyone to fall silent as well…then….

She started back playing only this time taking the melody to a faster up-tempo;  causing for the band to start in along with her.

Dave's smile widened as he began to move with the tempo. He looked back at the crowd and saw they were enjoying it as well. He couldn't help but to laugh a bit in excitement. She was doing it.


Vinny smiled as she continued to play oblivious to her surroundings  all the while everyone started dancing and laughing once again.

" PLAY IT GAL!"  yelled a male voice from the crowd

" Whoo-Wee!!" screamed a female as the party was in a uproar once more

Emily walked over to Dave taking his hand " Dance with me"

Dave smiled a bit "Alright, alright" he then stood from the bench and went with her to an open spot on the floor

Vinny continued to play lively  as she felt like one of her many dreams was coming true. Feeling one with the music while others enjoyed your gift to them felt incredible.

Emily pulled one of Dave's hand on her waist as she began grinding against him allowing her hips to sway and move quickly to the upbeat song. She laughed as she trailed both her hands up his tone chest with each alluring movement

He smiled down at her as he moved with her. She was a good dancer, he noted, and he was already having fun. Still, he couldn't wait to dance with Vinny. He'd been looking forward to it for awhile actually.

" By the way, my name's Emily Jean"

"Dave Seville"

" ooh well alright then Dave, y'all got a girl?"

He shook his head with a light chuckle "No, not yet"

" well that's good to know, do you like chipettes?"

"I'm certainly beginning to"

She then cupped his face " well believe me when I say this, we love human men" she giggled " especially one as fine as yo self"

He smiled "I never knew that"

She smirked  " well you know now puddin, so whatcha gone do bout it?"

He continued to smile as he glanced at Vinny "Well…I have an idea"

She turned his face back toward her " do share…" she was then pulled out of her conversation by a forceful yank pulling her away from Dave.

" Just what the sam hill  do you think you doin woman!" yelled a angry Male chipmunk as he scowled down at her

Emily blinked up at him as this was obviously her husband " h..honey? I didn't know you were here"

" Well I woke up and saw you gone!" he then pulled her yanking her toward the exit " yo ass should be home wit the youngins!"

Dave stared in slight shock. He then shifted his eyes before going back over to the piano with Vinny

Vinny soon finished and looked around at everyone that clapped as they had a great time to the song.

Dave smiled as he pulled Vinny up from the piano and scooped her up in a hug "Great job!"

She laughed as she was bit shocked by his reaction " oh my…th..thank ya"

He laughed a bit as he put her down "How'd you feel?"

" it was amazing…like magic! Oh thank ya so much!" she hugged him once more burring her face in his chest

He laughed more as he spun her around.  "It was my pleasure"

" well now…I do believe the band is taking a break now" She giggled


He placed her down once again and took her hand before leading her to a table to sit "Well they've been really working tonight" he chuckled

She took her seat and smiled " I see that. So now you tell me, how does it feel to play here? You've been comin round for some time now"



"It's wonderful. I've never had so much fun." He smiled.

She watched him in silence for a moment, while she thought about it. " so…when are you going to…stop" she asked in a solemn voice as she knew that he couldn't continue to visit forever.

His smile faded as he thought about it. "Well…I never want to stop…not as long as you're here."

She smiled a bit as she slowly placed her hand a top of his " friends for life?"

He smiled once again "Absolutely"

She giggled  pleased to hear that " if this is going to work. Then you gotta do something for me"

"What's that?"

" show me…your world. Where your from. I gotta see it"

He smiled "Ok, I will"

She giggled and clapped her hands  " Oh Davey I could kiss you!"

"Is that a promise?"

She abruptly stopped laughing and looked at him a bit stunned. She could feel her face growing warm " uh…um"

He chuckled lightly "Well?"

She looked down and shrugged shly " are you getting fresh with me?" she teased with a small smile  still unable to face him

He smiled a bit "Is it working?"

She giggled and covered her face " I declare"

"Is that a yes?" he laughed a bit

She continued to cover her face but nodded

"So…is it a promise?"

She pulled her hands away from her face and smiled at him " yes"

He chuckled "Well I'll hold you to it…"

" you are just a trip" She laughed  


He simply laughed "Comes from all the fun I'm having"

She looked back and saw the band was about to play once more " so do you wanna play or, you wanna dance?"

"I would love to dance with you actually"

She laughed overjoyed to heard that. she then heard them start to play a slow melody " aw shoot, but they palyin a slow song"

He smiled "A dance is a dance. Besides there will be plenty more after"

" so you still wanna?"

"Of course"

" well alright"  she smiled shyly

He stood and offered his hand to her

She took his hand and stood a bit flushed not only was she about to dance with him but a slow dance at that. Her heart was racing as she couldn't help but to glance at some of the bystanders. What they must be thinking.


He led her to the dance floor and pulled her close to him. He placed on hand on her waist and held her other hand to his chest as he smiled lightly down at her.


She blushed as she looked down. Moving slowly along with him to the music. She couldn't deny that it felt really good to be this close to him.

He couldn't stop smiling. He'd been waiting for this for so long and he couldn't help but to feel like after tonight, their relationship would only grow closer. He wanted to let her just how he felt about her tonight.

Vinny looked up at him in awe " you have…kind eyes"

"I'm glad. I would hate to have scared you away"

She giggled and shook her head " no, I saw something in you that put my heart at ease the first night you came down here"

"Really? What was that?"

" your eyes, I knew there was  nothing to be afraid of because of your eyes. Their so warm and sincere"

He watched her for a moment "So are yours…along with that wonderful hint of sass and determination"

She giggled " you can see all that in me?"

He chuckled "Definitely"

Vinny giggled as she laid her head on his chest. She felt so warm on the inside being in his arms, and as she closed her eyes for that moment it  felt like they were the only ones in the world. being with him just felt right.

They danced for most of the night, and when they weren't dancing Dave was playing with the band. All in all, they had a great time that night. Unfortunately the fun time came to an end and Dave was now walking Vinny home. They talked about all the fun they had and how much they looked forward to the next time.

Dave smiled. "I still can't get over how great you were" he chuckled

She laughed " well I can't get over you talkin me into it"

"Well why not? You have to get used to performing in front of people, especially since you want to be a singer"

" I know, but I just didn't think I was ready, but I see now that I was wrong"


He reached over and took her hand "Well good thing you were wrong about this" he laughed a bit "But I knew you had it in you, and you've been working so hard. It really paid off. Now we can move on to some different songs and then you could be jamming with the band just as much as me" he smiled

She smiled up at him  " or maybe I could…write a song, with you"

His smile widened. "That could work too"

" I think we'd make beautiful music together , what do you think?"She giggled


He nodded "I agree…" he paused for a moment "Oh and…just let me know when you want me to show you around my home…"

Her smiled widened " well how about …Friday?"

He thought about it for a moment before nodding "Alright, I can do that…but on one condition"

She sighed and rolled her eyes and stopped to look at him " …Davey?  There are conditions now?"

He smiled. "Just one little tiny one. Completely harmless and won't ruin anything"

She folded her arms and arched a brow with a playful smirk " hm, I don't know if I like the idea of putting conditions on friendship"

"I promise it's simple. It's just…getting something I've wanted for a long time, since the first night I met you…what you promised me tonight."

She stopped smiling and unfolded her arms as she stared up at him a bit speechless. "…oh..uh.." she then let out a slow breath showing that she understood as well as a bit nervous

He shifted his eyes as he noticed her nervousness. "You don't…have to do it tonight if you're not reay…" he added

She laughed a bit as she shifted her eyes " no…it's not that…um.."

"Oh? Well what is it?"

She shrugged as she looked down " I …don't know how" she whispered as she felt her face growing hot from embarrassment

He blinked. "You don't? You've never kissed anyone…or been kissed by anyone?"

She shrugged " not unless family kisses count" she giggled as she looked away unable to face him


He chuckled. "Not exactly…" he watched her for a moment before clearing his throat "Can I…show you then?"

She slowly looked up at him, a small shy smile formed along with a light blush as all she could do is nod.


He couldn't help but to smile as he put his bag down. He then grabbed her hand and pulled her to him before placing his other hand on her waist. He then let go of her hand and cupped her cheek, keeping eye contact with her the entire time. Finally he leaned down and softly pressed his lips to hers, his eyes drifting close.

She let out a small yelp from his actions as for the first time she was able to feel just how drastically different they were in size and strength Her eyes closed at the feel of his soft warm lips;  a small moan escaped her as she surprisingly liked the taste of him instantly, her arms dangled helplessly at her sides as she was afraid to move , afraid that the most slight movement would ruin the moment and she wanted it to last for as long as possible.

He kissed her for a few moments longer before pulling away. He smiled at her as he moved his hand from her face to her waist "Did you enjoy that?"

She slowly opened her eyes as she could almost still feel his kiss, his taste simply lingering. " y…yes" she whispered with a shaky breath

"Is it alright if I do it again?" He continued to smile.

She giggled and looked either side of them wondering if there was anyone around. " Um…would it be wrong if I said yes?"

"Not as far as I'm concerned" He chuckled lightly;  then kissed her again, this time moving her hands around to her lower back and gently moving her forward, which caused her to be slightly pressed against him.

Her body stiffened for a split second before the kiss along with his touch caused her to unconsciously relax. Moaning softly into the kiss feeling the warm sensual softness of his lips her body screamed from the sexual nourishment his touch ignited. Her entire body tingled as she felt his strong hands on her body .the kiss was slow, soft and lingering each succulent oral massage ending with the sweet sounds of extracting lips returning for more. While her hands slowly traced the counters of his chest before resting upon his shoulders.

He almost smiled into the kiss as he felt her relax into his embrace. He could tell she was starting to truly get pleasure from the kiss at her touch. He couldn't help but to allow his arms to circle around her, pulling her closer as the light press of their bodies before just wasn't good enough. He wanted so much more but this would have to suffice for now.

His actions caused her to be on  her toes causing  her soft moans escalated as her excitement grew. Her hands truly taking advantage of being able to touch him as they continued to caress  his shoulders along with the nape of  his neck. " mm..Davey…" she panted out weakly between kisses


He let out a light moan at hearing her words. He loved that she was enjoying him as this meant that their already close relationship could grow and become something past friendship. What he wouldn't give to actually have her to himself.

She couldn't help but to giggle from the intensity of this experience as she reluctantly broke the kiss to look away, displaying a shy smile as she slowly closed her eyes.

As much as he didn't want it to end, he couldn't help but to smile as he rested his head atop hers. "I should…get you home…" he said after a moment

She simply giggled " yeah"

He chuckled lightly before pulling away to pick up his bag. He then took her hand and began walking once more, his smile never leaving his face.

They soon reached her home once again.  Where they stopped a few feet away. " well I guess this is…goodnight" she smiled bashfully  unable to make eye contact

He nodded before kissing her forehead "I'll see you tomorrow"

" Ok" she then looked back at the small cabin she called home before looking back at him " so you promise right? About showin' me around?"

He nodded "I promise. Friday"


She smiled elated to hear that. " ok" she then abruptly hugged him while giving him one last kiss on the cheek. She then pulled away " well, bye bye" and rushed off…

He watched her go in the house before turning and heading back the way they came. He couldn't wait for tomorrow

Dave returns to the Juke joint the next day to teach Vinny music. he just can't seem to stay away and pretty soon they find themselves falling in love and over their heads as they are from two different worlds. will love conquer all? or will fear, hate and prejudice keep them apart?

AN: this is the start of the continuation of my original one shot " juke Joint" that can be found here [link]

this time around i invited my partner in crime :iconalvinsevilleishot: to be my co-author as we are writing this in the form of a role play and then going back and editing it into a fic.

also you will notice there are side characters in this that you may know already for one. Ian Hawke is in this as he is a young Dave Seville's college roommate.

along with Harry: the slick chipmunk con-artist from the 80s show, who is paying the role of one of Vinny's romantic suitors.

and finally their is the role of VInny's father whom i named Abraham who is played by grandpa chipmunk in the Alvin and the chipmunk Easter special.

if you have no idea who these characters are then feel free to look them up on youtube.

i hope you enjoy this first chapter and comment; we would love to hear what you think.

also feel free to draw any type of art based on this fic. i would love to see how others envision this.
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Yeah! Leela is back! :w00t:
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I am glad that you continue to be an artist in one from or another. Weather you are writing or drawing . ii so do love your stories and your art. I am continuing to write although it is via paper the story that i promised is currently being re written on paper and as soon as i finish it i will let you know. ao so i just wanted to say great job love your story and the art that goes with it.
puffdaddy1 Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2011
oh i am definitely drawing this :D
peachfan7 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2011
The kissing scene was very sweet and innocent, it fit the mood well. And I love how you write for Vinny; she's so adorable! I'm looking foward to seeing what happens when Dave shows Vinny his world... should be interesting. Keep up the good writing!
NicLove Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Where is the top of Vinny's head, come perd 2 Dave's bood?
Juria316 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2011
:iconyayzplz: It's wonderful to see you update this story! :D I was almost expecting Vinny's dad to show up with a shotgun in Dave's face the instant they started kissing, good to see I was wrong. ^^; I eagerly await the next chapter.
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